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Breastfeeding During the Holidays

Updated: Dec 15, 2021

With the busy holiday season upon us, I have had a lot of mamas reach out to me for tips and advice with breastfeeding during the hustle and bustle of the season. I compliled a list of my go-to tips for you mamas to help keep your milk supply stable, your mental health stable, and your breastfeeding relationship stable!

*Baby wearing will keep your baby content and calm nestled in close to you while you can be hands-free doing ALL THE THINGS. Let's face it, the holidays are extremely busy. You will be cooking, baking, decorating, shopping, wrapping, all while squeezing in time fo those feedings with your little one! If you don’t have a wrap/sling carrier, buy one NOW! :) You are welcome.

*Set realistic expectations for your time. Breastfeeding takes time! Feedings vary and are almost never predictable. It’s okay to order in for the night, buy gift cards, shop online, and pick up baked goods from the bakery for that holiday party you are rushing off to. No need to overcomplicate things. Keep it simple.

*Stay comfortable and don’t allow your breasts to get too full. If you put off breastfeeding because you’re busy, distracted, or just having fun, this can lead to plugged ducts or mastitis, and even a milk supply issue. Nurse often or express your milk as often as you normally would to avoid these issues.

*Stay hydrated to protect your milk supply. Keep your water bottle close by, especially if traveling. Every time you nurse your baby or express milk, take a few big gulps of water.

*Your baby may change up their sleeping routine. Visiting friends, family and traveling are reasons why your sweet peach may suddenly wake in the night and want to feed. Your little one may be fussy if he is sleeping less in the day, OR he may sleep more than usual during the day and want to eat more at night. Go with your baby’s flow, try to relax, this too shall pass.

*Sage, Peppermint, Parsley, Oregano, and Thyme can decrease milk supply when YOU CONSUME IN LARGE AMOUNTS. No need to skip the candy cane or that savory serving of stuffing. Just don’t binge on candy canes or sage tea.

*When traveling, pack smart! Extra diapers, wipes, burp cloths, and outfits just in case your sweet peach has a blowout and ruins her adorable holiday outfit. Always pack a back-up (or 2)!

*Pack extra pump parts and valves just in case! Remember, your pumped milk is stable in an insulated cooler bag with freezer packs for 24 hours. No need to buy anything fancy for transporting your milk, a standard insulated lunch bag will do just perfectly.

*Keep your stress levels in check. It’s okay to step back or delegate! You can always use your baby as an excuse to sneak away for some quiet time to breastfeed and relax with your little one.

*But most importantly, try to enjoy the holiday season. Focus on your many blessings (that little one in your arms is a good place to start).

Warm wishes to you and yours. May you have joy, peace and love this season and always.

Warmly, Julie

Sweetly Nourish Lactation & Baby Care

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