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Lactation Consultant with mother and baby

Let's Work Together

After Baby is Born

If you are having trouble feeding your baby, I would love to help. I will give you expert care along with evidence-based information to help you on your journey. We will work together to formulate a specific plan for YOU! My areas of lactation knowledge include (but are not limited to): 


  • Difficulty latching baby or a painful latch

  • Oral ties (tongue tie, lip tie, buccal ties)- assessing for symptoms and providing referrals to local experts who provide frenotomy services

  •  Sore nipples, damaged nipples 

  •  Breast refusal

  •  Multiples

  •  Baby with slow weight gain/weight loss

  •  Low milk supply

  •  Oversupply/Overactive let-down

  •  Inverted or flat nipples

  •  Engorgement

  •  Mastitis

  •  Clogged ducts or blebs

  •  Exclusive pumping, pumping problems

  •  Returning to work and an individualized pumping plan

  •  Transitioning baby to the bottle

  •  Bottle refusal

  •  Weaning from the nipple shield (and identifying what led to nipple shield use and  how to resolve those issues)

  •  Nursing after breast reduction or breast augmentation

  •  Introducing solids

  •  Weaning

  •  much more!

The following are services I provide. You have the option for in-home visits, in-office visits, or telehealth visits! On weekends and evenings I have limited slots available, so please reach out to me directly to accommodate your scheduling needs if you don’t see a time that works for you. 

After Baby is Born

My Services


Initial Telemedicine Consult

1 hour, 15 minutes $220

A lot can be done over a virtual consult! I can assess a feeding, troubleshoot feeding difficulties, and other challenges, assess for tongue-tie & lip tie, discuss your concerns and answer questions. I will develop a specific care plan based on you and your baby’s needs. Schedule your appointment here. 


Initial Lactation Consult

In-Your-Home, 2 Hours, $300. Includes 1 week of follow-up support by secure messaging, phone, email, or text. Schedule your appointment here. 

Business Owner

Telephone Consult

This is a 30 minute consult for established clients only. We will discuss your current feeding plan, make changes as needed, discuss any other concerns/questions. Schedule your appointment here. 

Baby's Hand

Follow-Up Telemedicine Consult

1 hour, 15 minutes $160

Schedule your appointment here. 

Smiling Baby

Follow Up Lactation Consult (Existing Clients)

I will accommodate you, in your home or in office. 

$200  in-office visit

$250 in-home visit

Schedule your appointment here. 

Breast Milk Pump

Flange Fit Consult

Individualized flange fit session! Learn how to use your pump, milk storage guidelines, and customized pumping plan!

In office $75 

In your home $100

Schedule your appointment here. 


Initial Lactation Consult in Office

 1.5-2 hours. $250

At our office location in Manchester, CT Includes 1 week of follow-up support by phone, secure messaging, email, or text. Schedule your appointment here. 

Newborn Baby _edited.jpg

In-Home Weight Check

Confirm your baby’s weight and breastmilk intake! With my Medela Baby Weigh II Scale, we can get a very accurate measurement of your baby’s intake during the feeding. We will discuss any change of your personalized plan based on baby’s weight. $50 Schedule your appointment here. 

Baby Stretches

In-Office Weight Check

Confirm your baby’s weight and breastmilk intake! With my Medela Baby Weigh II Scale, we can get a very accurate measurement of your baby’s intake during the feeding. We will discuss any change of your personalized plan based on baby’s weight. $50 Schedule your appointment here. 

My Services
Insurance & Payment Questions

Insurance & Payment


Sweetly Nourish Lactation is an in-network practice with Aetna and United Healthcare Please confirm your specific coverage prior to booking. Your Aetna plan may be subject to copay or cost sharing. Any uncovered costs will be your responsibility. 


If you have Aetna or United Healthcare, click link to book online now!




The Lactation Network

Sweetly Nourish Lactation is also partnered with The Lactation Network. TLN can cover many plans through Anthem, BlueCross Blue Shield, Optum, PNOA, Humana Military and Cigna. If you qualify, you can receive up to 6 fully covered lactation visits. TLN staff is quick and responsive to coverage requests, even emergent.

For insurance coverage eligibility through The Lactation Network, click this link here and fill in my name, Julie Tower of Sweetly Nourish Lactation & Baby Care as the participating IBCLC.  

Or, scan the URL code HERE for a shortcut to confirm coverage!
















What if I want a visit but I don't have Aetna or United Healthcare and I don't qualify for a covered visit with The Lactation Network? 


Other insurers will require you to pay for the visit, that day, out of pocket using the accepted payment methods listed below. The Affordable Care Act states insurers must cover lactation care. Unfortunately, it can be a difficult task for families to get the coverage they qualify for. I can't guarantee coverage, but I will give you a superbill that you can submit for possible reimbursement. I suggest calling your insurance carrier and asking to access your out-of-network benefits. I can suggest some codes they might cover, but it's never guaranteed.




Connecticare usually covers 1 home visit within the first two months postpartum. I recommend calling to confirm your plan's breastfeeding benefits and inquire if there is a limit on how much they will reimburse you. You will be responsible for the consultation fees at the time of service but will be provided the necessary forms to submit for reimbursement.

The National Women’s Law Center and their toolkit includes helpful information for speaking with your insurance provider. You can find the toolkit here:

Payment is taken at the time of visit. The following payment methods are accepted: credit card, Venmo, PayPal, Apple Pay, or cash. HSA or FSA cards accepted. I will give you a super-bill at the end of our visit that you can submit to your insurance for possible reimbursement. 



I travel to all locations in Hartford County, Connecticut as well as Hampden County, Massachusetts. Please contact me directly for travel outside of these areas. All inquiries considered! Please note there is a $75 travel fee for any home visit within my travel radius. Any travel beyond my travel radius will be subject to a higher travel fee, based on location. Please contact for details. 

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